We believe mama nature is the best beauty secret money can buy, but we also know that skincare is about brains and beauty. We have hand picked a selection of nutrient-rich ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. 
With a balance between naturally derived and active elements our unique formulations produce real results.
There’s nothing quite like that electric feeling on your skin after a dip in the cool blue ocean, so why doesn’t skincare ever feel that fresh and clean? At least that’s what we pondered as we dove into every lotion and potion on our search – from the pages of magazines to home remedies from our nans.
No skincare brand excited our senses, so we created our own. We teamed up with the best lab in town to create a line that ticks all the boxes, while being as invigorating for your complexion as a swim on a hot summer’s day.
Sea 2 Skin packs a sexy punch of high quality, affordable and results-driven beauty, purpose-built for the busy girl who wants to introduce a pamper-worthy beauty fix into her life.
Because life’s all about the little luxuries as far as we’re concerned!